Foofa Race Categories: car, racing, rally, driving school

Foofa Race

This game is like a little Paris Dakart, you drive a small kart in a very hard race, you must drive and avoid obstacles while you defeat your opponents. Try to cross the desert on save in order to win the race.

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DT Categories: kids, car, racing, driving school


You have been considered as the new Drift King and, in order to show the reasons of your legend, you will drift and overcome other challenges tonight. We trust you and you trust your car, so hurry up, move and drive fast.

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Top Speed Categories: car, racing, trucks, driving school

Top Speed

Hyundai has launched its new model and you´ve been chosen to test it. Collect Hyundai logos without being hit by any log. In that way, you will test the performance on the road of this new Hyunday Genesis.

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Risky Whisky Categories: car, trucks

Risky Whisky

You have an illegal cargo of whisky bottles in your truck. Your boss has asked you to take the cargo to the next city. Be carefull and do it without getting any bottle broken. If you do a good job, you will pass to the next mission and earn a lot of money.

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Mad Truckers Categories: car, trucks, pursuits

Mad Truckers

Drive your huge truck through the highway and take the packages of your clients to their destination. You have to be very carefull while driving, or you will be the responsible of an accident.

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Race Game Categories: car, racing, rally, driving school

Race Game

You are known as the blue car racer, there is an important race and you will be part of it. It will be full of good racers, so you should be fast and pay attention, because you have to demonstrate that you are the best.

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