Race for the Chair Categories: kids, car, trucks

Race for the Chair

Help this boy to elude the obstacles and people along the way, otherwise he will lose the bus and he´ll never see his friend who wants to drink his beers. Those are Carling, so this guy will run and do amazing jumps to be at home on time.

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Minicars Categories: kids, car, racing, driving school


Three guys tries to know who has the best Volkswagen Beetle and, in order to find it out, they will race. You drive the yellow one, it´s supposed to be the fastest, but if you can not control it, you´ll lose.

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F1 Race Categories: car, racing, driving school, f1

F1 Race

You are participating in San Marino. It is one of the official races of the F1 World Championship. Move fast and sure. You have to get the first prize. You and your team know that this won´t be easy at all, so good luck.

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Drunken Nicole Categories: car, driving school, pursuits

Drunken Nicole

Our friend Nicole went to party and had some drinks. Now, it is time for her to go home, but she is too drunk for driving. Help her and take her home on save, otherwise the poilicemen will persue and arrest her.

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London Cabbie Categories: kids, car, trucks, driving school

London Cabbie

You have gotten a job as a taxi driver in London city. You should be good at driving because you will need to park the car in the yellow zone without touching other cars. Move fast, because the passenger is late for his meeting.

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Robotank Categories: kids, car, trucks


This is the only survivor robot and you control it. The whole city is destroyed, because it was attacked by an enemy army. You have to destroy enemy´s car while you elude missiles lauched by the enemy in order to destroy you.

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