Full Tank Categories: car, 2 players, racing, driving school

Full Tank

In this race you´ll find many different things along the track, you wil have to take the fuel gallons to win. Crashing other cars is allowed, so you already know what to do if you need to take someone out of the race.

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Bust a Taxi Categories: kids, car, trucks, driving school

Bust a Taxi

This van has the best driver of the city and it´s you. You are the only one who can elude obstacles and cars at the same time without getting any damage. This is a three-kilometer trip and you´ll show how good you are doing this.

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Spark Dash Categories: car, racing, rally, f1

Spark Dash

This is a game about a racing team. These guys must have everything prepared for the car, you are the leader of the team and you have to order all the things the car needs in order to change them and continue the race.

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Hummer Categories: car, racing, rally, driving school


You drive the most amazing Hummer of the world and participate in the Hummer Rally Championship. You´re in the last race and you´re going for the trophy. You really have to win this race and become the new world rally star.

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Krazy Kranes Categories: kids, car, trucks

Krazy Kranes

You work for a big company which builds houses and buildings. You are a worker who controls a big magnet to pick up some materials from the cars. You have to be fast with your work. Never catch the cars to do your work perfectly.

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Traffic Categories: car, trucks, driving school, pursuits


You are a delivery boy who has to drive a van to do his work in London city. However, as you sure know, there is a terrible traffic in this city, so you have to try to make as many deliveries as possible without being caught by a camera or crashed by a car.

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