Ferrari vs McLaren Categories: kids, car, racing, f1

Ferrari vs McLaren

You are a member of the Ferrari F1 team, this is one of the most important races of the year and the McLaren team is leading the competition. This can not be possible anymore, so you must drive your car and get the pole position for your team.

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Build the Road Categories: kids, car, racing, rally

Build the Road

The annual race is starting this morning, but there is a problem, the road is not finished yet. You have to build it to save the day and the race. Put everything in order to make your car race and win.

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Dangerous Highway Categories: kids, car, trucks, pursuits

Dangerous Highway

You are going in the highway, it is late at night and you just think about going back to home, however there is a truck in front of you which doesn't let you pass. Try to pass by its side without crashing with those cars that come in different way.

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Grand Prix Challenge II Categories: kids, racing, driving school, f1

Grand Prix Challenge II

You have become a F1 driver. Your team is participating in the F1 World Championship. You have to win all of the races to become the new world champion. This won´t be easy, the tracks and climate conditions change in each race. The other teams are really good too, you should remember that.

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Pedal to the Metal Categories: car, racing, driving school, f1

Pedal to the Metal

Nico Rosberg has challenged you to beat his record in a formule 1 race. He says that you can not be able to get even a high score. This is the best chance to prove that you are the real champion. Go and show who you really are.

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Snow Storm Categories: kids, car, trucks, driving school

Snow Storm

There was a big snow storm last night and now all the highways and roads of the city are full with snow. You have been hired to clean it up. You´ll use a big snow removal machine to do this job. Work fast and don´t let the snow pile up or you´ll start all over again.

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