The Lost Machine Categories: kids, car, racing, driving school

The Lost Machine

This is not a usual car, this car comes from the future. You have to race in labyrinth. It´s very dangerous, because you can not crash or touch the walls otherwise you die. There´re many levels to play, so good luck.

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Runaway Cart Categories: kids, car, racing, driving school

Runaway Cart

In this game you´ll find the characters from the movie "The Emperor´s New Groove". Kuzko is trying to find Manila, he recives a letter that was supposed to be written by Manila, however it´s a tramp. Now, he has to escape on his cart before Yzma catches him.

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Mini Nitros Categories: car, racing, rally, driving school

Mini Nitros

This is the perfect game for Mini Cooper´s lovers. Choose a car and track, then you will be racing the car to set new records. A lot of people will be there to see you racing like a champion. Do your best and make them proud of you.

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Make a Car Categories: kids, car, racing, tuning

Make a Car

You have bought a brand new car. Now, you want to make it beautiful, so you decide to tune it up. Choose the best parts and accesories for your ride. It must look good, original and cool. Let´s see how good you are at this.

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Db2 Categories: kids, car, driving school


This is a very easy game to play, you have to select and drive a car in a race where you can choose among driving during the day or night. Then, everything depends on you. Pay attention and look at the map while you race. You won´t need anything else.

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Car In Air Categories: kids, car, driving school

Car In Air

You drive a red car trought the park, in this place people don´t care about the car and do whatever they want. You have to drive your car without killing anyboby, eluding some obstacles and jumping ramps to make the car fly.

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