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Cone Crazy Categories: kids, car

Cone Crazy

This is not a common driving school, because this time you have to topple a lot of color cones which have been put in the parking lot by your friends. This can be funny, but you have only thrity seconds to make it, so have fun and drive fast.

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Pure Adrenaline Categories: kids, car, racing, trucks

Pure Adrenaline

In this game, you need to collect a lot of color circles which are all around the main highway. Drive your car and do not crash with other cars, otherwise you could be part of a terrible accident. You should pay attention to win the game.

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One Off Categories: kids, moto, tuning

One Off

You love your new motorcycle and you want to keep it safe. You bought a top secret security system to protect it, however you forgot the password. Now, you'll have to find some clues to recover your password and in this way, be able to use your motorcycle again.

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Bar Hopper Categories: kids, car, trucks, pursuits

Bar Hopper

Dave Attell has created a new comedy and today, he'll show it to the audience. He was going to the theater when, suddenly, a lot of people started asking him for some beers. Help him to deliver beers to everyone on the street.

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Polly in Party Pickup Categories: kids, car, driving school

Polly in Party Pickup

Polly is going to celebrate her birhtday and she wants to be with all her friends. You must help her to invite every friend and also guide them to the party. This is not going to be easy because you will have to avoid some obstacles along the way.

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New Car Net Racer Categories: kids, car, racing, driving school

New Car Net Racer

This is an exciting race, full of cars and curves. Only the best drivers can handle this track. If you want to become one of those, you will have to complete the laps and be the first one crossing the finish line.

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