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Bar Hopper Categories: kids, car, trucks, pursuits

Bar Hopper

Dave Attell has created a new comedy and today, he'll show it to the audience. He was going to the theater when, suddenly, a lot of people started asking him for some beers. Help him to deliver beers to everyone on the street.

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Hell Cops Categories: car, 2 players, pursuits

Hell Cops

Mike is one of the best policemen of the city. He has a new monster car to defeat criminals. You will have to help him do his job. Drive the big car and run over bad people. That´s the only way to do it.

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Mad Truckers Categories: car, trucks, pursuits

Mad Truckers

Drive your huge truck through the highway and take the packages of your clients to their destination. You have to be very carefull while driving, or you will be the responsible of an accident.

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Drunken Nicole Categories: car, driving school, pursuits

Drunken Nicole

Our friend Nicole went to party and had some drinks. Now, it is time for her to go home, but she is too drunk for driving. Help her and take her home on save, otherwise the poilicemen will persue and arrest her.

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Highway Hunter Categories: car, trucks, driving school, pursuits

Highway Hunter

The entire police department tries to catch you. They pursue you all over the city. They can´t catch you because you drive a fast car. Go through the different highways to escape from the police and destroy everybody in front of you.

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Traffic Categories: car, trucks, driving school, pursuits


You are a delivery boy who has to drive a van to do his work in London city. However, as you sure know, there is a terrible traffic in this city, so you have to try to make as many deliveries as possible without being caught by a camera or crashed by a car.

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