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Pure Adrenaline Categories: kids, car, racing, trucks

Pure Adrenaline

In this game, you need to collect a lot of color circles which are all around the main highway. Drive your car and do not crash with other cars, otherwise you could be part of a terrible accident. You should pay attention to win the game.

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White Van Man Categories: car, trucks, driving school

White Van Man

You work as a driver of an ambulance. There was an accident on the road near your town and you have been asked to take injured people to the hospital. However, there are a lot of obstacles and cars along the highway. You have to avoid them and get to the hospital on time or all the people will die.

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Bar Hopper Categories: kids, car, trucks, pursuits

Bar Hopper

Dave Attell has created a new comedy and today, he'll show it to the audience. He was going to the theater when, suddenly, a lot of people started asking him for some beers. Help him to deliver beers to everyone on the street.

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Top Speed Categories: car, racing, trucks, driving school

Top Speed

Hyundai has launched its new model and you´ve been chosen to test it. Collect Hyundai logos without being hit by any log. In that way, you will test the performance on the road of this new Hyunday Genesis.

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Risky Whisky Categories: car, trucks

Risky Whisky

You have an illegal cargo of whisky bottles in your truck. Your boss has asked you to take the cargo to the next city. Be carefull and do it without getting any bottle broken. If you do a good job, you will pass to the next mission and earn a lot of money.

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Mad Truckers Categories: car, trucks, pursuits

Mad Truckers

Drive your huge truck through the highway and take the packages of your clients to their destination. You have to be very carefull while driving, or you will be the responsible of an accident.

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